Fixing Quidditch


(N.B. This is probably something that other people have said before me, and better. But I just wanted to get it out.)

As much of a fan of Harry Potter as I am, one thing has always reeeeeally bothered me about the worldbuilding.


From a game design perspective,…


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Windsor Is Coming

Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the Game of Thrones set in Belfast, Ireland, on Tuesday. Look out, Westeros. Though she may already be sitting on the Throne of England, it looks like Queen Elizabeth II has her eyes on the Iron Throne too.


"Oh, but I’m scared to death
That there may not be
another one like this”

a list of favourites: mason raymond, toronto maple leafs


Attack on Titan has taught me that no matter what the odds, no matter what stands in my way, if I have the right mindset, and fight with my mind and soul I will still most likely die.


damn leafs working real hard to maintain that “sexiest team in the NHL” status